We support projects that help develop Digital Skills & Creativity as well as ones that protect and conserve our Heritage and Environment.

Progress and innovation have always been at the core of our business, but we know future preparedness should not come at the expense of our heritage or the environment.

Our Purpose

Melita has been leading the way in digital innovation since its conception in 1992. Creativity is also at the core of what we do, we actively support local TV productions and channels.

We also believe that digital and creative innovation should not come at the expense of our heritage or the environment.  We cherish these deeply because without them, there would be no worthy future at all.

Our vision for the Melita Foundation is to marry our core principles together; supporting Digital Skills & Creativity which upskill people to be better prepared for the future, whilst at the same time preserving and conserving of our Heritage and Environment.

Thank you to our Partners who support us with funding for the Melita Foundation.

Apax Partners is a leading private equity firm in European countries.


With more than 40 years of experience, Apax Partners provides long-term equity financing to build and strengthen world-class companies.


Funds managed and advised by Apax Partners exceed €2.4 billion. These funds invest in fast-growing middle-market companies across four sectors of specialisation.

EQT is a leading investment firm with more than EUR 61 billion in raised capital across 29 funds and around €40 billion in assets under management. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.  Having a long-term, responsible and sustainable approach to investment and ownership is EQT’s way of creating value for investors, in portfolio companies and to society at large.

Let’s work together for a better future and a better world

If you think that your project or idea fits with our purpose, please get in touch.
The Melita Foundation will appraise all requests that align with its purpose and focus areas – Digital Skills & Creativity and Heritage & Environment –
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