Let’s work together for a better future and a better world

The Melita Foundation supports projects that encourage the development of Digital Skills & Creativity as well as ones that conserve our Heritage and help the Environment.
If your project or idea is in one of those areas and could benefit from support by The Melita Foundation, please apply using this form.

Please note the following rules and limitations regarding payments:

  1. The request for payment shall be made by the Sponsored Party (the applicant) by providing the Melita Foundation with Suppliers’ invoices including a description of the products or services provided, and the suppliers banking details.
  2. The Melita Foundation shall pay the Suppliers involved directly through a bank transfer.
  3. No payments shall be due to any person, employed or otherwise directly engaged whether paid or voluntary, with or by the Sponsored Party and/or the person applying for funds.
  4. No payment shall be due to persons or organisations linked directly or indirectly to the persons forming part of or engaged by the Sponsored Party and/or the person applying for funds.
  5. The Melita Foundation will include other terms of agreement relevant to the proposed project.