Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

The Melita Foundation will be supporting and funding projects that align with its two focus areas – Digital Skills & Creativity, and Heritage & Environment.  We consider each application openly, following a clear and transparent process that guarantees objectivity and fairness. The Foundation explores applications being assessed on various criteria. Before funding starts, the Foundation and the partner organisation or individual sign an agreement detailing expectations on both sides.


The Board of the Melita Foundation is responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s activities, strategy, budgets, policies, guidelines, allocations and performance.

Our board

Tanya Sammut-Bonnici

Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici, Chair of the Melita Foundation, is the Joint Editor of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. She has served as Pro-Rector Strategic Planning and Enterprise at the University of Malta and as chair and director of education, employment, finance, economic and trade institutions. Earlier in her career, Professor Sammut-Bonnici held managerial and executive roles in microelectronics, finance, and telecommunications.

Simon Montanaro

Simon Montanaro, Vice Chair of the Melita Foundation, was employed by Melita at its inception in 1991, was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2009 and additionally held responsibility for Melita’s B2B department from 2018, which roles were held until joining the Melita’s Board of Directors in 2023

Mireille Muscat

Mireille Muscat joined Melita in 2010 as a Product Manager. She held various positions before being appointed Head of Marketing in January 2015. Her responsibilities include directing, engaging and developing a team of marketing professionals. Mireille received a BSc in Engineering from the University of Malta, studied at RWTH-Aachen, Germany, Oxford College of Marketing and INSEAD; she is a member of the CTAM Europe Board.

Amanda Holmes

Amanda Holmes joined Melita in 2017 after almost 20 years with Unilever, where she gained invaluable experience for her role leading Brand and Communications for Melita. Amanda’s pro bono work has spanned the Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education sectors. Amanda holds an BSc in Management Sciences from the University of Warwick, and an MSc in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Gertrude Borg Micallef

Gertrude Borg Micallef joined Melita in 2011 as a Legal Counsel. In 2018 she was appointed Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs. Her responsibilities include providing legal advice and ensuring regulatory compliance. Gertrude received her LL.D and M. Juris in EU and Comparative Law from the University of Malta. Gertrude is a warranted lawyer and a member of the Chamber of Advocates.

Maria Mallia

Maria Mallia joined Melita in 2007 as part of the Credit Control Team. In 2013 she moved to Accounts Payables and in January 2019 she was appointed as Treasury & Banking Manager. Her responsibilities include managing the Finance Payables Team together with liaising on all the necessary requirements with the banks. Maria completed her studies at the Ġ. F. Abela Junior College and accomplished a Higher National Diploma in Computing at MCAST.

The Funding Process

The Melita Foundation focuses on two well-defined and specific areas – Digital Skills & Creativity, and Heritage & Environment.  We focus on upskilling people in digital skills, and creativity whilst safeguarding and preserving our heritage and environment.  Our selection criteria is based on a very clear and transparent process which methodologically considers how the project fits with the Melita Foundation’s purpose, and the project’s impact on its beneficiaries.  Applications are also weighed against considerations such as the number of beneficiaries, confidence in the funding body, project feasibility and risk factors.