Write Deal Association

The ‘PITIRROSS’ project by The Write Deal Association educates children about the Sustainable Development Goals through ad-free TV programs, aligning with The Melita Foundation’s values. It benefits children, involves young presenters, and sparks discussions for a more informed society. Supporting ‘PITIRROSS’ aims to inspire a future generation committed to achieving the SDGs, leaving a lasting impact.

The Write Deal Association’s ‘PITIRROSS’ project aims to educate children aged 8-12 about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through engaging and informative television programs. These programs, free from advertisements, will feature interviews, animations, and graphics and will be transmitted on a local TV station and later on YouTube. The initiative aligns perfectly with The Melita Foundations values of community engagement, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Children will directly benefit by learning about social, environmental, and economic issues that shape our world. Additionally, three young presenters aged 13-14 will actively contribute to the program, gaining valuable experience and inspiring their peers.

Beyond the targeted age group, the program’s prime-time broadcast will reach diverse audiences, sparking discussions on critical global challenges. By promoting the SDGs and responsible citizenship, ‘PITIRROSS’ contributes to developing a more informed, empathetic, and engaged society.

By supporting the ‘PITIRROSS’ project, The Melita Foundation aims to foster a future generation that understands, cares about, and actively works towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The impact will be lasting, as the program will continue influencing children’s perspectives and behaviours well beyond its initial broadcast.