The Cast-Out Project

Encouraging recycling through trash-art sculpture, Cast-Out is an environmental arts project that works with local people organising clean-ups of plastic and other trash, subsequently building giant trash-art sculptures with the material collected.  The Melita Foundation is supporting a major community clean-up and a religious-themed trash-art sculpture in Gozo.

The Cast-Out Project is building an environmental artwork to promote better environmental citizenship. The community-led arts project encourages locals to collect thousands of used plastic bottles through litter picking and community events. All the bottles are then used to build a large trash-art sculpture of Christ that will be displayed at Ta’ Pinu Basilica in Gharb, Gozo, raising much awareness about the importance of recycling among locals and tourists alike.  The project will also address the country’s poor recycling history by creating an accessible and easy way for locals to get involved in cleaning their landscapes, prompting them to think about their plastic consumption, and to change their lifestyles to a more environmentally friendly one.

Making a difference together

Since starting in 2020, The Melita Foundation has backed many projects run by different groups and backgrounds. From local STEM skills for school kids in the Three Cities to global stuff like planting trees, ESG awareness, teaching maritime law and conservation and ensuring our heritage is well taken care of.

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