The Melita Foundation backs Spark15’s Further Education Project (FEP), empowering asylum-seeking students with education and resources. This bridges the gap, fostering meaningful integration and enabling positive contributions to society.

Fostering change and promoting inclusivity, Spark15 is igniting transformation within Malta’s refugee community. By supporting this project, The Melita Foundation will enable the organisation’s Further Education Project (FEP) to make a lasting impact on young individuals seeking asylum in Malta and Gozo.

Born in 2015 from a group of young refugees who forged bonds while attending MCAST, Spark15 has since evolved into Malta’s first refugee-led youth organisation. With a vision of welcoming and integrating refugee youth into society, Spark15’s mission revolves around providing education, training, and opportunities for meaningful integration.

The FEP, strives to empower 5 to 10 students seeking asylum. This one-year comprehensive program equips them with essential tools for higher education access: English-language classes, digital literacy skills, necessary educational equipment, professional mentoring, financial assistance, and IELTS exam fees.

The Melita Foundation’s support injects vitality into this endeavour, benefitting young individuals. The FEP not only imparts linguistic and academic skills but also nurtures emotional and social growth. By providing financial support and essential resources, the Melita Foundation contributes to bridging the gap between aspiration and access for these students paving the way for meaningful integration, empowering young individuals to shape their destiny and contribute positively to society.

Making a difference together

Since starting in 2020, The Melita Foundation has backed many projects run by different groups and backgrounds. From local STEM skills for school kids in the Three Cities to global stuff like planting trees, ESG awareness, teaching maritime law and conservation and ensuring our heritage is well taken care of.

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