Paulo Freire Institute

Empowering communities through literacy and community development. Set up by the Maltese Jesuits the Paulo Freire Institute in Zejtun promotes self-development and self-confidence through literacy, digital literacy and other projects, focusing most particularly on the most vulnerable members of society.

Through interrelated and multi-disciplinary approaches, The Paulo Freire Institute engages in community development, formal and non-formal education as well as community social work. The Melita Foundation is supporting one of the Institute’s projects aimed at improving digital literacy with pensioners, vulnerable adults, vulnerable parents, and those at risk of poverty. At their most basic level, the courses will consist of sessions aimed at those who are totally unfamiliar with the digital world, leading them to acquire basic digital literacy and basic online skills. At a more advanced level, the courses will provide participants with the skills to access online meetings, improve their financial literacy skills and guide them through accessing bank services online. The courses will accommodate a total of 32 people.

Making a difference together

Since starting in 2020, The Melita Foundation has backed many projects run by different groups and backgrounds. From local STEM skills for school kids in the Three Cities to global stuff like planting trees, ESG awareness, teaching maritime law and conservation and ensuring our heritage is well taken care of.

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