Migrant Woman Association Malta

Migrant Women Association Malta helps asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant women to live a stable, safe and dignified life in Malta by playing a proactive and productive role in society, free from fear, discrimination and inequality.

The Melita Foundation will be supporting the Migrant Women Association Malta to run a digital literacy and skills program that will help migrant women navigate the job market online, enhance their digital skills, and develop more self-confidence.

Empowering migrant women to enable their integration within Maltese society and to attain their full potential through work, awareness and interaction.

The skills are essential for women to find meaningful and gainful employment in the Maltese labour market, thus helping them support their families financially, gain independence and self-reliance. Being employed within a legal framework, helps women achieve their long-term goals of contributing to the local economy and reduces the risk of exploitation and gender-based violence.

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