Inspire supports children with a range of intellectual and behavioural challenges. Melita Foundation will be sponsoring the refurbishment and development of new classrooms with the main aim of developing creativity and supporting the children to achieve their individual needs.

Inspire believes that everyone has the right to equality and inclusion. The refurbishment and development of new classrooms helps to design and construct spaces specifically for education while developing creativity. Two programmes will be benefitting directly – School Outreach Programme (SOP) and Learning in Context (LinC) Day School Programme which support children with a range of intellectual and developmental challenges.

The LinC programme provides education through therapeutic intervention in addition to the children’s adapted curriculum. Focus of intervention is on therapeutic services targeting socialisation, communication, behaviour management, motor skills, sensory skills, cognitive skills, numeracy and literacy, as well as independent living skills training.

The programme SOP works on the principle of cooperation between Inspire professionals and LSEs, where together schools and  work together to support children in achieving their individual needs.

With the refurbishment and creation of new spaces Inspire have also looked at changing their learning methods and designed an environment that would be more conducive to the needs of those benefitting from these programmes.

Some of the rooms that will be created:

  • 1 movement room
  • 1 quiet room
  • 1 one to one classroom offering direct guidance and intervention
  • 1 classroom simulation model where children work on classroom skills.
  • 2 one to one therapy rooms
  • 1 chill out area
  • 1 settling in area (cubby holes)
  • Upgrades to MSR reception area (board and cubby holes)
  • IEI and LinC areas (boards and cubby holes)

Making a difference together

Since starting in 2020, The Melita Foundation has backed many projects run by different groups and backgrounds. From local STEM skills for school kids in the Three Cities to global stuff like planting trees, ESG awareness, teaching maritime law and conservation and ensuring our heritage is well taken care of.

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