Dare to be Malta

DareToBeMalta collaborates with NGOs to promote self-awareness and emotional resilience through nature-based projects like “DareToBeMalta – RISE Malta.” This 12-week program emphasizes personal growth, emotional awareness, and self-motivation through outdoor therapy, aligning with The Melita Foundation’s values of community engagement and social responsibility.

The importance of self-awareness, emotional resilience, and cohesive communities cannot be overstated in a world bustling with distractions and demands. This is where DareToBeMalta steps in, collaborating with NGOs and organisations to bring mindfulness practices and nature-based projects that foster introspection and unity among individuals and groups.

One of their remarkable projects, “DareToBeMalta – RISE Malta”, exemplifies their commitment to personal growth and community betterment. This 12-week program takes participants through nature-based outdoor therapy strategically designed to promote emotional and physical awareness, self-motivation, and the adept handling of physical and mental stress. The program empowers individuals to introspect, evolve, and connect with their inner selves through tailored outdoor challenges and mindful meditative practices amidst captivating landscapes.

By utilising the natural environment as a transformative platform, DareToBeMalta aims to nurture soft skills while fostering an understanding of our place within the larger ecosystem. This initiative directly contributes to creating a better society by nurturing the potential within each individual, which in turn positively impacts the community, the country, and the environment.

Supporting projects like DareToBeMalta – RISE Malta reflects The Melita Foundation’s values of community engagement, personal growth, and social responsibility to cultivating a mindful and empowered society. The impact of such endeavours ripples beyond the project duration, leaving lasting imprints on participants’ lives and the broader community.