Dar Tal-Providenza

The Melita Foundation supported the Olive Grove at Dar Tal-Providenza, creating a chill and happy space for residents with disabilities.

The Olive Grove at Dar Tal-Providenza, is a relaxing haven for individuals with disabilities. This grove offers a peaceful space for residents to enjoy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation’s support enhances residents’ quality of life and promotes social inclusion. By maintaining the Olive Grove, the Melita Foundation helped create a joyful and meaningful experience for the community whilst at the same time providing an additional source of income for Dar Tal-Providenza through the selling of the olives and giving residents the possibility in engaging in olive picking. The grove also serves as a wonderful spot for local scout groups and families to connect with nature and each other.

Making a difference together

Since starting in 2020, The Melita Foundation has backed many projects run by different groups and backgrounds. From local STEM skills for school kids in the Three Cities to global stuff like planting trees, ESG awareness, teaching maritime law and conservation and ensuring our heritage is well taken care of.

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