Dar Tal-Providenza

Dar Tal-Providenza offers individualised residential services to persons with disabilities in a family-like environment. The home promotes holistic personal development and social inclusion to all its residents, including their autonomy and self-determination.

The Melita Foundation will be funding the maintenance of the Olive Grove at the Dar tal-Providenza.

Helping people with disabilities reach their full potential and maximise their abilities with a view to ensuring their full participation in society. Here the residents enjoy numerous activities which are organised at the home or in the community.

One of the residents’ favourite areas is the olive grove that is situated near a picnic area within the boundaries of the home. The olive trees were donated by various benefactors and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the area proves to be a lifeline of relief when the residents, being a highly vulnerable group were not able to go out at all. Sometimes the area is also used by some scout groups located close to the home.

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