Dance beyond borders

The Melita Foundation supports Dance Beyond Borders, fostering unity through the arts. By backing Refugee Week Malta, it promotes an inclusive community. This initiative celebrates refugee resilience and encourages empathy through diverse activities, enhancing social cohesion.


The Melita Foundation is supporting Dance Beyond Borders, a Foundation dedicated to fostering unity and integration through the arts. By backing the Refugee Week Malta (RWM) festival, the Melita Foundation is contributing to creating a more connected and inclusive community.

Dance Beyond Borders believes in the transformative power of the arts for social change. Through artistic performances, community-led initiatives, and the annual Refugee Week Malta, the foundation seeks to bridge gaps and celebrate the resilience of refugees and those seeking safety.

The Melita Foundation’s involvement amplifies the impact of RWM, which aims to cultivate integration and compassion. The festival engages primary beneficiaries like refugees, asylum seekers, and Maltese residents, offering innovative and diverse activities that share stories, deepen empathy, and foster collaboration.

The festival’s diverse program, including education, art, and community events, encourages dialogue, understanding, and a shared culture of care. By participating in activities like forums, workshops, marches, and performances, participants expand their horizons and contribute to a more inclusive society.

By embracing arts as a medium for change, The Melita Foundation hopes to empower the community to transcend barriers that extend well beyond the festival’s bounds.

Working together for a better future

Since our launch in 2020, The Melita Foundation has supported dozens of projects run by many diverse organisations. Project beneficiaries range from the very young to the very young-at-heart, from the the very local – such as supporting STEM skills development for school children in the Three Cities – to projects which will have an impact beyond our borders: supporting extensive tree planting; developing skills in maritime law and conservation; preserving parts of our heritage entwined with our diaspora.


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