Cross Culture International Foundation

CCIF Malta’s project engages youth and migrants in upcycling used clothing to reduce waste and emissions, equipping them with practical skills and fostering environmental awareness. The Melita Foundation’s support empowers CCIF Malta to amplify its impact, nurturing a generation with practical knowledge and sustainability values.

CCIF Malta, established in 2012, is committed to eradicating human trafficking while promoting inclusive, sustainable development through diverse programs. The current project addresses the environmental impact of fast fashion, engaging youth and migrants in upcycling, repairing, and repurposing used clothing to mitigate textile waste and reduce carbon emissions.

Benefiting youth aged 18-30 and migrants, the initiative equips them with practical skills, teaching them to repair garments and transform discarded pieces into usable items. The project also empowers participants to contribute positively to the environment by fostering awareness about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The program extends to migrants living in Open Centres who receive donated clothing and can learn to upcycle unwanted items, enhancing their self-sufficiency and reducing textile waste.

The benefits are immediate. Participants will gain repair and upcycling skills, a deeper understanding of environmental impact, and a sense of active contribution. The Melita Foundation support enables CCIF Malta to amplify its impact, nurturing a generation equipped with practical knowledge and a sense of responsibility toward sustainability.

Working together for a better future

Since our launch in 2020, The Melita Foundation has supported dozens of projects run by many diverse organisations. Project beneficiaries range from the very young to the very young-at-heart, from the the very local – such as supporting STEM skills development for school children in the Three Cities – to projects which will have an impact beyond our borders: supporting extensive tree planting; developing skills in maritime law and conservation; preserving parts of our heritage entwined with our diaspora.


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