Carols under the Stars

The Melita Foundation supports “Carols under the Stars” to aid Dar tal-Providenza. Led by Clyde Camilleri, this annual event features live Christmas carols across Malta from December 8th to 13th, 2023 along with the band Saturday Harmony.

By championing “Carols under the Stars,” The Melita Foundation joins hands with the community in supporting Dar tal-Providenza. This annual initiative, led by Clyde Camilleri and his partner, has a three-year track record of uplifting spirits all in aid of Dar tal-Providenza Siggiewi. The event, renowned for its fusion of projection mapping and live Christmas Carols performances, is gearing up for a more ambitious undertaking.

With the acclaimed band Saturday Harmony at the helm, the event will showcase Christmas caroling in various towns and villages across Malta between the 8th and 13th December 2023. The accrued proceeds from the event’s vibrant celebrations will be directed toward this worthy cause.

The Melita Foundation’s commitment amplifies the festive spirit and underscores the dedication to fostering positive community engagement and making a tangible impact where it matters most.

Working together for a better future

Since our launch in 2020, The Melita Foundation has supported dozens of projects run by many diverse organisations. Project beneficiaries range from the very young to the very young-at-heart, from the the very local – such as supporting STEM skills development for school children in the Three Cities – to projects which will have an impact beyond our borders: supporting extensive tree planting; developing skills in maritime law and conservation; preserving parts of our heritage entwined with our diaspora.


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