Showcasing and developing creative talent with a special focus on the visual arts, and through the principle of open studios and sharing the artists’ creative process.  The Melita Foundation is supporting Allura in the production of a series of ‘edutainment’ videos in which leading artists share their creative process through entertaining and educational content.

Allura’s projects and events involve artists, charities, sponsors, educational and ecclesiastical institutions, hotels, retailers, brands and other stakeholders. Allura understands that art-lovers are no longer interested purely in the finished artwork, but also in the artists themselves and the stories behind their work.  This project is designed to impart artistic knowledge, skills and the artistic process to other artists, art students and the public. With a variety of genres, styles, concepts, and techniques, the final production will also serve as a learning resource in schools and ultimately preserve Malta’s finest contemporary artists after their lifetime for future generations to enjoy.

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