Alessia Bonnici

Alessia Bonnici, an emerging young pianist on the autistic spectrum, has been collaborating with prominent foreign and local artists to promote veritable inclusion in society. A video is being produced to disseminate a message of courage and resilience and the power of communication through music. The Melita Foundation is providing support for costs related to musical equipment.

The Melita Foundation is providing support for costs related to musical equipment during the production of the video.

The video is intended to create an impactful narrative depicting how the gifted artist Alessia Bonnici interprets a concerto by Ilia Chkolnik. The production offers a respectful and worthy narrative of persons with impairment focus beyond challenges. The production aims to inspire and encourage viewers to reshape their perception of people with disability and to be more accepting of a diverse society.

Working together for a better future

Since our launch in 2020, The Melita Foundation has supported dozens of projects run by many diverse organisations. Project beneficiaries range from the very young to the very young-at-heart, from the the very local – such as supporting STEM skills development for school children in the Three Cities – to projects which will have an impact beyond our borders: supporting extensive tree planting; developing skills in maritime law and conservation; preserving parts of our heritage entwined with our diaspora.


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