The Verdala International School Refugee Fund (VISFund) raises funds for refugee students to study an International Baccalaureate at Verdala International School. Melita Foundation will be supporting Verdala International School Refugee Fund by providing refugee students computer equipment to help them reach their academic goal successfully and offer them a higher education opportunity.

The VIS Fund scholarship supports academic skills development and empowers students to contribute knowledge, skills and leadership to society and to the refugee community. Scholars receive additional support through close monitoring, academic preparatory and language classes based on students’ needs, as well as psycho-social support, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Students are engaged via digital means where all assignments and projects and much of their learning modules are received and submitted via the Verdala ManageBac portal. Students also learn how to collaborate and contribute to shared assignments and projects using google docs and other digital share software giving them a solid digital and IT grounding and preparation for both university and their future workplace.

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